Amy Schumer
“Girl You Don’t Need Makeup” (writer/producer/mixer/vox) 2015

The Young Romans
"Yesterday Night" (producer) 2011
“Tiger Child” (producer) 2012
“Live At Red Parade Studios” (producer) 2013
“Bells and Sirens” (producer) 2014

Deer Mother
“Voodoo” (producer / writer / mixer)  2014

Moon Talk
“The Story Of Arrows Falling”  (producer / writer / mixer) 2015
“Our Lips Are Sealed” (producer / mixer) 2015

Kyle Dunnigan
“Craigs All Star Rocking Christmas You Guys”
(Comedy Central Records) 2014

Jesse Thomas
 “Burn The Boats” (producer / instruments) 2014
“War Dancer” (producer / instruments) 2010
“Hazel EP” (producer) 2010

Go Tell The Eskimo
“Life Among Wolves” (producer) 2013

Javier Dunn
“Trails” (producer) 2013

“Kingvolt” (producer) 2011

Gideon Brown
“Gideon Brown EP” (producer) 2014 

“Blackouts” (producer / mixer) 2011 

White Lights
“Oroboros” (producer) 2009